Basic parameters of stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-22
Type and parameters of stand food mixer Vacuum type stand food mixer and dough volume: 15kg/time Dating time: 4-10 minutes/time Power supply voltage: 220v-380v Motor model power: YC90L-4-1.5 Dimensions: 800*800*750mm. Non-vacuum type square tube rack and noodle machine and surface volume: 25kg/time Dough time: 4-10 minutes/time Power supply voltage: 220v-380v Motor model power: YC90L-4-1.5 Dimensions: 900*800*820mm. Use range of stand food mixer It has a wide range of uses in hotels, bakeries, cake shops, coffee shops, bars, tea shops, families, etc. Technical regulations (1) The operator must wear labor protection supplies, tighten the cuffs and clothing corners, and keep them clean and clean, no rope heads appear, and the hair must be set inside the work hat. (2) Each shift must designate a person who is familiar with the performance of the equipment to use. (3) Check whether all parts of the appliance are well insulated and whether the motor grounding is reliable before driving. It is strictly prohibited to press the switch button with wet hands. If you have any questions, please deal with it by an electrician. (4) According to the provisions of the machine, the dough is put into dry flour once, and it is not allowed to be overloaded. (5) Refuel regularly according to the machine maintenance requirements. (6) When making noodles, cover the box. Do not put your hands or other hard objects into the bucket to avoid dangerous accidents. (7) The power must be cut off when the noodles are taken. After the power is cut and twisted, the casing is tilted and then taken out. After one time, the knife is cut off with a knife and then go to the car. (8) It is forbidden to touch the rotating parts during operation. When abnormal sound, looseness, debris, vibration and other abnormalities are found, it should be stopped for inspection and maintenance.
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