Commercial Stand Food Mixer Vs Residential Stand

by:Muren     2020-06-27
If you do a fair amount of cooking or baking at home, you no doubt have realized that having a stand mixer (as opposed to a hand held mixer), can save you a lot of time in the kitchen. The advantages of a stand mixer, primarily, are that you no longer have to work at, or attend to the mixing of different ingredients. Just put your flower, sugar, butter, etc... into the bowl, turn the unit on, and you can more or less walk away. Or, at a minimum, you don't have to work so hard at getting your ingredients mixed. Often times, people who are in the market for a new mixer think that their best bet is to go out and buy a commercial unit. Generally, consumers feel that commercial units are built more solidly, and are more robust. To some extent this is true. For example, you certainly won't ever see a commercial stand mixer made of plastic. However, there are certain limitations (and other things) that you need to seriously consider before you go out and purchase (or even look for) a commercial mixer. The Advantages of a Commercial Mixer for Home Use It's true, commercial mixers are generally made to a fairly high standard of quality. However, they are primarily designed with volume and duration of use in mind. As a result, a commercial unit will likely run far fewer hours (over its life), in your home than it would in a bakery. Thus, the unit's motor would likely last longer. That being said, they are not, however, generally made with the comfort or convenience of the user in mind. And, certainly, no consideration is given as to what kind of environment the unit will sit in. After all, most commercial kitchens have plenty of space for a mixer. The Disadvantages of a Commercial Mixer for Home Use Commercial mixers are usually very large. This is the first problem of trying to find one for residential use. Rarely will you find a commercial mixer under 16-20 quarts in bowl size? This is almost triple the size of most home units. It's unlikely you'll be able to find a unit that would fit on your counter - for example. Secondly, commercial stand food mixer are generally very noisy and generate a lot of heat. Also, their motors are quite powerful, and, in some cases, even dangerous. The Advantages to Residential Stand Mixes If you're going to be using a mixer at home, you should really be looking at units that are designed for that purpose. Many companies now make units that are VERY similar to commercial units, with the die-cast build and all-metal construction. However, the units are smaller and easier to manage. If you're serious about baking but aren't looking at starting a commercial business, buy a residential mixer for home. You won't regret it.
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