How to buy a stand up mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-21
1. Pay attention to whether the inner gallbladder wall of the home cooker is smooth. If the inner wall of the cooker's machine is smooth, the flour can be kneaded more evenly. Pay attention to whether the noodles will be stirred out when the stand up mixer is working. 2. Pay attention to the power and specifications of the stand up mixer. Generally speaking, the power of the home cooker is mostly between 100-400w. If the family has a large population, you can freely choose a larger cooker. 3. Pay attention to the heat dissipation function of the cooker. The cooker machine will produce a certain amount of heat in the work project, so be sure to inquire about the heat dissipation function of the cooker machine. The cooker machine with good heat dissipation has a longer life. 4. Pay attention to choose the brand of household cooker. Generally speaking, it is better to choose brand products for household appliances. The quality of brand products is guaranteed, the reputation is good, and there is good after-sales service.
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