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by:Muren     2020-06-19
Remember how you fell in love with baking at that time? Was it because of a crunchy croissant? Or a rich French paella? Or a soft and sweet cream cupcake? I believe that each baked little white is from the beginning I like to get started slowly, all of which are indispensable to the stand food mixer. Today I will recommend a versatile kitchen player-the Muren multi-function stand food mixer. The Muren has a stand food mixer full metal gear transmission structure, 1200W high power, high precision pure copper motor, light sound operation, fast stirring, and long-lasting durability. The most amazing thing is its intelligent timing function, which can efficiently use the time of fragmentation while sending it. Whether it is to swipe a mobile phone, watch a movie or bring a baby, there is no delay, and novices can easily get started. The 4.5L large-capacity mixing pot is made of 304 food grade stainless steel. The key is that it is very easy to clean. The batter sticking to the wall of the basin can be washed away directly with water. Just follow the steps and the glove membrane will come out in 10 minutes. First add noodles and water according to the proportion, make a lump in 30 seconds, add butter when stirring for 6 minutes, then stir for 4 minutes to get out the film. In addition to the excellent film output, of course, the Muren stand mixer also has other functions. Three major supporting components + four major expansion devices, all-around little assistant, is talking about the Muren stand food mixer. Stir, knead, and pass, make meat puree, garlic, jam, enema, dumplings, dough, spring rolls, slice, shred, mince, squeeze fresh juice, make home food...all can get it done! Cooking is not only one thing, but also a part of the essence of life. The kitchen is not just a room, but also a paradise for creativity, exploration of the unknown, and experimentation. With the blessing of the Muren stand food mixer, it is still a matter of minutes to advance to the kitchen master~
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