Stand food mixer be your kitchen omnipotent helper

by:Muren     2020-06-17
Take the Muren stand food mixer, for those who like to make baking, this stand food mixer boyfriend Li Max is simply a versatile helper in the kitchen. The Muren stand food mixer has a powerful power of 1200W, which is very powerful at work, especially the noodles. As the saying goes 'the dough is well played, there is no trouble in life', kneading the noodles by hand takes time and effort, and it can be kneaded in 3 minutes. Tuan, it will take 15 minutes to rub out a beautiful glove membrane and free your hands. It is difficult to soften in winter, and it is easy to separate water and oil in summer. It is often difficult to beat butter with a hand-held egg beater for a long time, and it can be easily beaten to a white and fluffy state with the Shepherd King’s egg paddle. Butter cookies are a must~ You can use it for cakes, biscuits, fillings, pizza and pastries. And with different accessories, the stand food mixer can be transformed into various cooking artifacts. It has two interfaces of high and slow speed. It can be transformed into juicer, noodle press, meat grinder and grinder. If you use a noodle paddle and finished noodles, then you can make it with a noodle and noodle machine. All kinds of noodles, with a smooth and smooth taste; meat mincers and enema can also complete all kinds of sausages~ In fact, in addition to powerful functions, the texture of a product is also very important. The metal body and stainless steel mixing bowl make the Shepherd King stand food mixer exude a strong texture, whether visually or tactilely. This is a plastic body stand food mixer that cannot be compared to others. The three mixing paddles and accessories not only look exquisite and delicate, but also work hard and design, and the material is safe and durable. The height of the head can be adjusted, the splash-proof feeding cover to prevent food splash, 8-speed speed control + P-speed (turn the knob in reverse to P-speed to complete the maximum speed quickly, and release the knob to return to 0-speed), control as you like Sending speed and easy access to the magnetic buckle. Starting with the Muren stand food mixer, everyone can turn into a baking master.
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