The Muren stand up mixer giving a sense of ceremony

by:Muren     2020-06-15
I heard that 90% of the ritual sense of life is related to food, and desserts can heal everything in life. If you have been busy studying and working overtime recently, you might as well come to make up for yourself. Choose the easy-to-operate Muren stand food mixer. When the sun is right, when the weather is sunny, when the mood is beautiful, when the frustration is not happy, you can make it by yourself if you want to eat. This is a small fortune in life. 1. Material When processing ingredients with a stand food mixer, its accessories are in direct contact with the ingredients, so the material is particularly important when buying. The whole body of the Muren stand food mixer is made of cast aluminum, and the accessories are made of stainless steel, which is safe, secure and durable! 2. Capacity The Muren stand food mixer has a capacity of 4.5L. It is a medium-sized machine and is suitable for 3-5 people. Usually, it is enough to cook some family favorite food at home. 3. Motor Shepherd Wang has a stand food mixer that uses a 1200W high-precision pure copper motor to ensure strong power and smooth operation. In addition, the all-metal gear transmission system is tightly engaged and durable. The tough appearance and internality are in line with the daily tone. 4. Gear The speed adjustment of the stand food mixer is determined according to the hardness properties of the ingredients. Different ingredients should be selected at different rates for stirring and grinding. Muren stand food mixer kneads the dough, stirs, grinds the meat, and passes the hair. A hard life requires a little sweetness! The Muren stand food mixer gives you a little sweeter life. y
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