What about CIF of kitchen stand mixers?
CIF is similar to that of the CFR, with the only difference that the supplier also assumes the insurance costs of delivering goods to the port of destination. However, it is a more convenient way of shipping since you don't have to deal with freight or other shipping details though it costs you more than CFR. We, as a seller, are responsible for arranging the freight and insurance details by working with our own forwarder. If you are new in international trade or you want a very small cargo, it's highly suggested that you choose this kind of transport mode. Tell us your requirements and expectation about kitchen stand mixers, we will work out the best solution.
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Shenzhen Muren Appliance Co.,Ltd is an advanced enterprise that is fully engaged in stand up mixer production. Muren Appliance focuses on providing a variety of kitchen stand mixers for customers. Muren kitchen stand mixers has been tested according to the requirements of international IEC/EN standards. It has been tested in terms of low-frequency phenomena (flicker and harmonics) and high-frequency conductive currents, voltage, and power. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. This product can be a very cool tool to reach out to targeted audience groups. Using colors, fonts, and designs, brands can help establish an identity, personality and reach out easily to its audience. The operational noise is less than 65db decibel under any speed.

Muren aims to be a highly valued service brand. Get info!

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