Which brand of stand mixer is good?

by:Muren     2020-04-18
Nowadays, with the continuous popularization of the hobby of baking, various chef machines are popping up like mushrooms. For beginners to bake, it is really a headache, it is distressing that they can't buy it. How to choose a better one? Today we will explore the performance, material and parameter details of the chef machine together. Which brand of the chef machine is good? Take a look ~ For a cost-effective chef machine, the first factor to consider is its performance, such as the power and heat dissipation performance of the motor.The power is proportional to the power of the motor.The greater the power, the better its ability to knead and pass. The stronger. Kywood stand mixer The world-renowned chef machine brand Kaiwood, their chef machine has always been known for its performance. For example, the classic KVL4100 chef machine, with a powerful power of 1200W, works very well and can quickly process a variety of ingredients. As for the most basic kneading dough, other machines may knead the dough for 30 minutes, and its powder paddle can knead the glove film in 15 minutes. And it is not like other brands of cooker machines. It needs to be stopped from time to time to allow the machine to cool down. Even if the continuous work of the high-speed cooker machine, the heat of the cooker itself is relatively low, which can keep the dough at a suitable temperature. In addition, the stepless shift knob of Kywood has no obvious feeling at the interface of speed increase and decrease, and is very smooth. Muren stand mixer In addition to power, the material of the chef machine is also a place we need to pay attention to when purchasing. The chef machine needs to have direct and intimate contact with the food when processing the ingredients, so it is not a matter of care when choosing the material.If you want to create a good-tasting food, you must naturally choose a safe and durable material.The general chef machine is made of metal. , Stainless steel material, ABS engineering plastic these three types. Like the Chinese chef machine mentioned above, its mixing bowl is made of high-grade stainless steel, which can be used with confidence. Its body uses an all-metal body, because the material has a high weight stability, so it is very stable during operation, and there is almost no shaking on the table, so it will not affect the mixing of ingredients due to excessive shaking. Finally, choose the chef machine, but also need to pay attention to the capacity and details. The capacity of the cooker machine can be selected according to the number of families. In general, you can choose a chef machine of about 5L between three people, and families with more than 5 people should give priority to the large capacity of 6L or more. In terms of details, the splash-proof feeding cover that effectively prevents food splashes, and the magnetic buckle for easy access are all very user-friendly designs of the Muren stand mixer. In addition to baking, if you like all kinds of pasta, the Muren stand mixer is also very suitable. By using different mixing accessories and different rotation speeds, different food production processes can be completed. Pressing noodles, grinding grains, slicing food, ground meat, making sausages, squeezing juice, ice cream, etc., it can achieve almost all the functions that the kitchen needs. I believe that after reading so many introductions, you should have an answer to which brand of chef machine is good.
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