Why the Best Cooks Choose Muren

by:Muren     2020-06-24
So, what's so great about the Muren stand food mixer products? Well, in a nutshell, they are very well made, durable, long-lasting, and versatile. They do all the tasks you would expect from them and they do them well. Built like a horse, they are trusty and always reliable. That's not to say they are not equally delicate when they come to your finer creations. Yes, of course, they are. But it's the fact they're simple, easy to operate, and simply do what you need them to do. But then good cooking is not a high tech science (although some might have you believe that it is), it's all about tasks. They're laborious tasks, but very necessary tasks, which need to be repeated again and again. Ever tried mixing cake mix, or bread dough, by hand? What a job it is! It's very arduous and very tough to do. That's why you need a tough tool to automate the process, and which is strong enough to see the task through. And then some, you also need it to stand the test of time, and keep working for you well into the future without breaking down. The Muren mixer range comes with a tilt-back head which makes accessing the mixing bowl, and inserting or removing the mixing attachments, a doddle. The bowl and attachments lock easily and neatly into place which keeps them stable during any mixing operations. The Muren stand food mixer range comes with a simple chute which can be temporarily attached to the side of the bowl to ensure that ingredients (particularly the powdery variety) end up in the bowl and not dispersed over the countertop, or indeed all over the floor. The base and stand merely need a wipe down with a standard kitchen cloth and the bowl and attachments are easily washed in normal household washing up liquid - simplicity itself. Three key attachments come with each stand food mixer as standard. All are of strong build and durable. The dough hook pounds even the toughest of doughs. The flat beater makes easy work out of batters, meatloaf, and the like. Whilst the whisk delicately whips creams, mayonnaise or anything else that takes your fancy.
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