You best kitchen helper - stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-23
A stand food mixer is essentially a machine for mixing together large batches of dough for bread and cookies. Stand Food Mixer Product Description The Muren stands up mixer has an 800-watt motor that will mix anything while maintaining a constant speed. A nice safety feature is separate on and off switches. The 'on' switch is even recessed which prevents someone from turning the machine on when you do not want it running. A rotary-dial instead of buttons control the speed. Further, the motor magically turns off when the top tilts back or the motor is close to overheating. The Muren stand food mixer has a stainless steel 7-quart bowl, a spatula, dough hook, flat beater, and balloon whisk included with the machine. The dough hook is strong enough to mix even the most difficult bread dough. The balloon whisk allows aeration to mix egg whites and cream perfectly. The large bowl is capable of mixing three batches of cookies at one time and more than one cake. It has all-metal gears and an aluminum die-cast body. How is it to use and maintain? With the Muren stand food mixer, you can make bread, cookies, cakes, sauces, gravies, or anything that requires mixing, beating, or whipping. Cleaning this food mixer is a breeze, as the top tilts or pops up making it easy to remove the bowl and attachments. The stainless steel bowl also cleans easily and you can safely put it into the dishwasher. The top popping up makes it easy to add ingredients, scrape the bowl, and change attachments without being afraid of an accident ruining a perfectly good batch of cookies.
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