Any further technical information about Muren?
The technical information about Muren can be found on our "Product Page" or is available by directly consulting with us. The technical information involves the product specifications including size, raw materials, processing techniques utilized in the production process, etc. It provides critical defining information about a product and can include identification of a company. By browsing the technical information, customers can get to know and analyze if the product is compliant to regulatory requirements. What's more, it can inform customers of the risks that the product might pose and any precautions they should take.

Leveraging the wealth of experience and expertise, Shenzhen Muren Appliance Co.,Ltd provides the manufacturing strength required to create the finest stand up mixer in the world. As one of Muren Appliance's multiple product series, kitchen stand mixers series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. dough mixer from Muren Appliance can be said as a upgraded version of kitchen stand mixers. Its DC motor, together with the special PCB board, it brings the lowest and soft sound. People can save themselves the trouble when it comes to clothes fading during washes. So it is worth the investment. The operational noise is less than 65db decibel under any speed.

We are endeavoring to minimize our negative impact on the environment. We will try to adopt a lean manufacturing way that helps reduce wastes and pollution during production.
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