Common faults and troubleshooting methods of stand

by:Muren     2020-06-22
In the process of using the stand food mixer, there may be some small faults that affect the normal use of the machine. Based on many years of production experience, our company always presents the common failures and troubleshooting methods of the stand food mixer for the majority of users. 1. After the stand food mixer is fed, the mixing speed is significantly slowed down: the general reason for this failure is because the belt is too loose, the raw material is over lk, and the motor load is too large; the voltage is too low; the transmission system lacks lubrication, and this situation occurs At this time, we can use tightening the belt to check whether there is too much flour, whether the motor lacks phase motion, whether the voltage is normal, and whether there is a lack of lubricant to solve this problem. 2. When mixing: There are some materials in the stand food mixer that do not move, and there is only one reason for this failure, that is, the dough is too little or too much. To solve this problem, we can adjust the input of the raw materials. From time to time, manual operations are used to solve the problem, so that the stand food mixer works normally. 3. Suddenly the machine stops when it rotates: This situation is generally due to the overload of the dough machine. The fuse is blown; the card has foreign objects and other problems, we can use to check whether the circuit contact part is good: replace the fuse. Remove foreign objects to solve. 4. An abnormal noise occurs with the noodle machine during the process of use: The reason for this situation is because the cooperation between the belt and the shaft key is too loose; the bearing N is bad, misaligned, and there are foreign objects stuck. We can analyze it according to the analysis The specific problem, the key coordination is reconfigured according to the standard; replace the broken bearing; stop and remove the guide to solve this problem.
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