Method for repairing stand food mixer failure

by:Muren     2020-06-19
What should I do if the stand food mixer is broken? The noodle machine is a type of pasta machine, which mainly mixes flour and water evenly. There are two types of vacuum stand food mixers and non-vacuum stand food mixers. In the process of using the stand food mixer, it is inevitable that you will encounter the failure phenomenon of the stand food mixer, such as noisy during the stand food mixer, sudden shutdown when the stand food mixer rotates, and some materials in the stand food mixer do not move. How to repair it? Below, we will tell you some ways to repair the stand food mixer failure. 1. There is a lot of noise when meeting Maintenance method: This situation may be caused by the lack of lubrication of the gears of the machine for a long time, resulting in the lack of oil in the gears. This requires our machine to run for 300 hours when the machine is running for a smoother lubricating oil. When replacing, the remaining dirty oil should be removed; every three months thereafter Once, choose 20/30 engine oil. Another reason is that the gear clearance changes, and the clearance needs to be adjusted. 2. Suddenly stop when the stand food mixer is rotating Maintenance method: This situation is generally due to excessive load on the stand food mixer. The fuse is blown; the card is caused by foreign objects, etc., we can use to check whether the contact part of the circuit is good, replace the fuse, and remove the foreign object to solve. 3. Some materials in the stand food mixer do not move Maintenance method: There is only one reason for this kind of failure, that is, too little or too much noodles. To solve this problem, we can adjust the amount of raw materials invested, or often stir manually to solve the problem, so that the noodle machine normal work. 4. After the stand food mixer feeds, the mixing speed slows down significantly Maintenance method: Generally the cause of this failure is because the belt is too loose, the motor load is too large, the voltage is too low, and the transmission system lacks lubrication. In this case, we can tighten the belt to check whether there is too much flour. Whether the motor lacks phase motion, whether the voltage is normal, and whether there is a lack of lubricating oil to solve this problem. 5. There are black noodles in the surface Maintenance method: This situation is due to the abrasion of the mixing shaft, oil seal, sealing disc, etc. inside the stand food mixer, and due to long-term damage to the wearing parts, this replacement of wearing parts can be relatively simple and can be replaced by itself. 6. The stand food mixer won't stir Maintenance method: This should be the problem of the twist bar. Different types of noodle machine twist bars are also different. This can ensure that the dough is evenly stressed and the dough effect is good. You can change a twist bar if you can’t make it yourself. It's better to take a look at a special store to prevent yourself from breaking the stand food mixer, which is not worth the loss. Another reason may be that the noodles are not well-fermented and uneven, resulting in incomplete stirring. You can try to use a fermented dough again. 7. Oil leakage from stand food mixer Maintenance method: Generally, the accessories such as the bushing, the sealing disc, and the oil seal are broken. Replace the corresponding accessories. 8. The stand food mixer is leaking Maintenance method: replace the oil seals of the same type if the oil seals on both sides of the stand food mixer are damaged. 9. Stand food mixer and weak face Maintenance method: tighten the triangle belt, readjust the power supply, and replace the motor.
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