Multi-function stand mixer let you easily become 'baker'

by:Muren     2020-04-13
Many friends who love baking often suffer from the kneading problem of making bread. Because it is relatively easy to beat egg whites for cakes, it is quite difficult to knead the dough. If you want to make a soft, brushed, high-fluff bread, it is usually necessary to knead the glove film during the kneading process. If this is not necessary, it will greatly affect the taste of the kneading dough. So at this time, many people will choose to use tools. At the earliest time, they will choose a bread machine. It feels that the kneading dough is very good. At least it is stronger than the hand kneading, but at this time, you need to pay attention to another problem. It is the importance of face temperature. Because the bread machine is generally used to knead the dough, when the motor is running, a temperature will be generated, and the temperature of the mixing bucket will rise too fast, especially in the summer, the dough will be kneaded and fermented, causing the dough to never reach the desired level. status. So more people began to choose the stand up mixer. The stand up mixer has entered the Chinese market and has been purchased by more and more Chinese households because of its powerful functions. The stand up mixer we produce is a very good chef machine. It can not only make buns, buns, noodles, dumplings through it, bread, cakes, biscuits ... In addition to pasta, ground meat, sausages, sliced, cut Silk, making salads, and squeezing juice can be said to be all-around. Here, we will focus on the real surprise brought by the stand up mixer: ??1. The film release time is very fast. The heat of the cooker itself is relatively low, so the temperature of the dough is better controlled, and the flexibility and ductility of the film are much better. ??2. Greatly shorten the kneading time. Everyone must know that the longer the dough is kneaded, the easier it is to oxidize. ??3. Save energy. When kneading the dough by hand, the hands must be kept rubbing, which requires a lot of physical strength. People with poor physical strength will be panting for a while. ??4. Our stand up mixer has low noise. Unlike other brands of cooker machines, they start rumbling from the start, and the noise is very loud, which can easily affect other people when used. When the machine is used at home, the kitchen door is closed, the sound is very small, and it is not easy to hear outside. ??5. Stable operation. It uses a pure copper motor, which is durable and has a long life. The internal gears are all metal gears. It works very stable and can hardly feel shaking on the table. In addition, the metal cast aluminum body material at a glance is very high-end quality, 4.5L capacity, which can fully meet the daily production requirements; and now they have new product launch activities, in addition to three standard accessories: kneading hook Stirring paddles and egg cages are now available for purchase. There are also gifts: ground meat sausage sausage accessories, noodle accessories, noodle accessories, mixing juice cups and salad components. It's really cost-effective. With this multi-function stand up mixer, no matter what you want to do with Chinese pasta or Western desserts, you can easily complete it for you, so that you can have more surprises in the process of making food.
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