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Muren Sales Team 2019 Trip of Tea Stream Valley in OCT East


In order to motivate employees to work better and enhance team cohesion, the sales department of the company organized all the sales representatives to go to the Tea Stream Valley in OCT East for a happy trip to get close to the landscape and keep fit. The sales director Carl Wang and all the sales representatives joined this event.

Overseas Chinese Town East (OCT East) is located in Dameisha, Shenzhen. Covering an area of 9 square kilometers (3.5 square miles), OCT East consists of two theme parks, the Knight Valley and the Tea Stream Valley.

There are four theme areas in the Tea Stream Valley: the Ancient Tea Town, Interlaken Village, the Wetland Garden and the Sanzhou Tea Garden.

In Interlaken Town you can enjoy the western style buildings and streets which make you feel like a traveler in the European country.

In Sanzhou Tea Garden and Ancient Tea Town, it is full of traditional Chinese culture, the Bamboo Valley, the bridges and pavilions take you into a typical southern China Tea Garden.

The beautiful Valley is covered by greenery and clearly flowing water, the temperature is high and low. Sometimes the sun is like a fire sometimes it’s breeze. Although they are already quite exhausted, everyone is still fighting vigorously. From this, we have found the spirit of courage and challenge ourselves and also the spirit of persist in the end. I believe that everyone will pass this spirit into future work and study, and be brave to meet new challenge in future.

Wish everyone has a good and happy life in Muren!

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