Muren stand food mixer VS Jun Baking stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-18
Every day when you turn on your mobile phone, various food safety issues are emerging. When eating out, there is always an illusion that one does not eat food, but the chemical periodic table. Especially for families with babies, food safety is a top priority, so many people start to choose to cook at home. But for urbanites who are used to eating outside, it is really not a simple thing to return to the kitchen and pick up the shovel spoon, especially if you occasionally want to get a trick and eat a dessert cake. In fact, the answer is very simple, just need A multi-function stand food mixer can do it! Then the question is coming, in the face of the wide selection of brand styles on the market, how should we choose which one is most suitable for ourselves? Let's take the Muren and Junbao JMG1 as an example to give you a detailed evaluation. In the case of the same advantage, the net weight of Muren’s stand up mixer is only 6.8kg, which is half of that of Junbao, and it is more convenient to move it. Although the capacity of its mixing bowl is slightly inferior, only 4.5L, but once roasted, the family of three to five is completely enough. Let's compare their gear functions. Both models are equipped with an intelligent timing function. There are 11 gears for the King Baker's stand food mixer, and the Muren stand mixer is 8 gear + P jog gear, which is not much different. The Muren stand food mixer uses a high-precision pure copper motor inside.The power of the whole machine is 1200w, which is more powerful than the 800w of the king baking, especially in the aspect of kneading. The 1500g high-gluten flour king baking stand food mixer comes out of the film in 13 minutes. And Muren’s only takes 10 minutes. It is recommended that you choose a high-power stand food mixer as much as possible if possible, because the power and speed of the large-scale stand food mixer are stronger and more efficient than the low-power stand food mixer, especially when making Chinese noodles and dumplings. Need harder dough, at this time, the low-power machine will be more difficult, and then you need to manually knead and then process, which is time-consuming and laborious. Therefore, after comprehensive comparison, it is recommended to choose the Muren stand food mixer. To save endless kitchen time, to accompany your family, but also enjoy delicious and safe food, this is probably the most ideal state of life. But if you want to live this kind of life, you still need a Muren stand food mixer!
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