Muren stand up mixer is a multi-functional product

by:Muren     2020-04-12
1. Appearance and details The simple gray metal body in the Muren stand up mixerlooks very fresh and clean, and the metal is very textured.It won't turn yellow after a long time. , Can make the fuselage firmer. The 4.5L food grade 304 stainless steel mixing bowl doesn't look big, but it's actually very big. It can send up to 12 eggs at a time and knead 800g of flour. Because there is a silicone pad under the mixing bowl, the mixing bowl will not shake when kneading. There is also a splash-proof cover on the mixing bowl to prevent the liquid from splashing out during mixing, and also to prevent children from reaching into their hands during operation. When sending protein and adding sugar, open the small cover above to add the material, which is very convenient ~ The Muren stand up mixer has a power of 1200w and is full of power, which is why I chose the Muren. With high power, kneading the dough is also more advantageous. If you knead the dough often, the Muren is the most suitable. 2. Product Highlights The standard configuration of the Muren stand up mixer is an egg cage, kneading dough hook, and leaf-shaped stirring paddle. Egg beaters can be used to beat egg whites, whole eggs, cream, and loose butter. The spherical multi-filament design allows the air to enter the ingredients to the maximum extent, and the hair is evenly distributed. I think the failure rate of the egg beater in the chef machine is very low. Some cheaper eggbeaters have little difference in speed between 1st gear and 5th gear, and it is easy to pass too much.Comparatively, the chef machine is not easy to fail.I have had cases of egg white failure since I used it in March. ~ When making sponge cakes, it is more sufficient to pass whole eggs. The function of the kneading dough hook is relatively simple. It is suitable for kneading dough to make bread, buns, and pizza dough. I use it to knead bread more, using the legendary '3535 method', 1 file for 3 minutes. 3 files for 5 minutes, then add butter. 1 file for 3 minutes, 3 files for 5 minutes, if there is more dough, you can use 4 files or increase the final duration. In fact, the time is about 20 minutes or so. It is more important to see the state. The dough is smooth and it is good to detect the hand mask. Leaf-shaped mixing paddle, which is more suitable for fillings, pastries, mashed potatoes, etc., by increasing the contact surface with the food, quickly stir the ingredients evenly. It is said that all three paddles use the 'planetary trajectory stirring method'. The name is very high-end. In fact, it imitates the rotation and revolution of the earth. The stirring paddle moves in one direction, and the connection port rotates in the opposite direction. Flip and rub. The Muren stand up mixer has three interfaces, namely the mixing paddle interface, high-speed interface and slow-speed interface. The mixing paddle interface is connected to the three egg cages, kneading dough hooks, and K-shaped paddles. The high-speed interface can be equipped with accessories such as agitator, quick shred slicer, fruit and vegetable juicer, multi-function grinder, orange device. Soups, soups, milkshakes, fruit and vegetable slices of different thicknesses, squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, ground various spices, tonic walnut powder, sesame powder are all right. The slow-speed interface can be equipped with accessories such as a meat mincer, a slow-speed shredding slicer, a slow-speed juice squeezer, a noodle press, a noodle cutter, a noodle maker, and a flour mill. There is no pressure in making minced pork sausages, grinding flour, making all kinds of noodles, and Chinese and Western noodles. It's almost a machine, I have it all. During the holidays, squeeze a glass of juice slowly, cut a plate of fruit, and step on the soft slippers to make a bowl of home-style noodles in the kitchen. Heart, liver, spleen and lungs, even if you work hard, you can't withstand the joy accumulated in a day. The advantages of the Muren stand up mixer have been mentioned before. In short, it is time-saving, labor-saving, complete accessories, powerful, and perfect after-sales.
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