Stand food mixer expands delicious possibilities

by:Muren     2020-06-17
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to healthy life. The problem of food safety has caused more and more people to return to the kitchen. Indeed, cooking by yourself can not only enjoy hands-on fun in the fast-paced current society, but also heal yourself with healthy food, bringing double satisfaction to taste buds and body and mind. What conveniences can a convenient stand food mixer bring to your life? Professional basic accessories: rubbing and whipping to complete quickly The cooker machine is a multifunctional kitchen appliance. Everyone chooses it mainly because of its time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and fast advantages. After all, it is a wise choice to hand over some laborious and repetitive work to the machine. The Muren stand food mixer has a 1000W motor power. Using the planetary stirring method, the powder paddle that simulates the hand kneading can knead the glove film without any effort for 15 minutes.Compared to the pure hand kneading for a long time, it not only saves time and effort It can also prevent the dough from oxidizing and kneading better gluten, which is very suitable for pizza, bread, buns, etc. The troubles of egg white and cream, the Shepherd Wang stand food mixer can also help you. The egg beater paddles are combined with 12 layered designs of the paddle wire, which can mix in more air and make the beating effect more even. You can get a very fluffy protein or cream in a short time, and easily make a sweet and soft sponge cake, macarons, so that you don’t need to buy an eggbeater specifically to pass it. In addition, this KMX752 also has an exclusive groundbreaking mixing function, which can automatically and gently stir, and is not prone to defoaming. It is especially suitable for the production of Shu Fulei, Qifeng cake and other baking, which greatly improves the yield. The K-shaped paddle is specially designed with the K-shaped paddle, which can increase the contact surface with the food and make the mixing range wider.It can quickly mix the ingredients evenly and can be used to mix the mixture.You can use it to make dumpling fillings and boost the meatballs. , Mashed potatoes, etc. Multi-function accessory interface: expand the delicious possibilities The above mentioned is the standard function of the Muren stand food mixer, mainly used in baking noodles, but the function of a useful stand food mixer is far more than that; our stand food mixer is equipped with a hexagonal in-line interface, you can Install a variety of slow speed accessories. For example, noodles, noodle cutters, meat grinders, shredders and other accessories can be used to make minced pork sausages, various noodles, Chinese and Western noodles, etc. without pressure. If you suddenly miss the strong hand-rolling noodles at home on the weekend, you may wish to knead the noodles with a stand food mixer, and then install a noodle press and noodle cutter to make some noodles yourself. In addition to feeling the joy of DIY, you can also taste safe and healthy happiness. How much happiness will the cook have? What kind of happiness will you get when you learn to bake? I believe a useful Muren will have the opportunity to tell you the answer.
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