Stand Mixer Is Your Kitchen Friend

by:Muren     2020-04-24
This appliance is a necessity for anyone who really cooks.I bought my daughter this mixer about a year ago. She always tells me how great it is for mixing everything, so I finally bought one for myself.I have used it to mix batters and doughs, to grind grain and coffee, to shred cheese and veggies and grind meat and stuff sausage. I love the way it looks on the counter and it's extremely easy to clean. The bowl, dough hook and paddle are all dishwasher safe. The only hand wash item is the wisk, which is no big deal. The body with the motor wipes clean in a snap and it's always easy to whip together a recipe in no time. I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new stand mixer. Makes cookies with the smoothest dough and cakes with ease I have made bread dough with my Classic and loved the results. I have also purchased an extra bowl and guard which eliminates splashing and allows you to add ingredents. And if your getting flour all over try adding less at one time and allow it to be blended in before you add more. I stress this seriously PLEASE buy a stand mixer and the power you need for the tasks you are going to do heavy or light and for the and amount of dough, cakes and cookies you are going to make. The stand mixer has provided me with four years of hands-free use, with predictable power and consistency. It makes wonderful lump-free batters, stiff meringue, smooth frostings, perfect whipped potatoes, and even kneads bread dough. The included recipe book is a perfect introduction to it's array of capabilities but don't hesitate to let it take over other chores in the kitchen. I've used the three primary attachments plus the grinder and pasta attachments. The strainer and juicer are now here and ready to be used as well. I've used it to grind what needs grinding (though I wouldn't say that it's replaced my food processor, it's great to be able to grind straight into the mixing bowl and go), smash root vegetables, whip up quick snacks, make my own pasta (a new experience for me), and of course make the inevitable bars/cookies. I have to tell you - I'm in love. Different companies of stand mixer offers awesome warranty service, too. I broke my mixer grinding almonds with the grinder attachment, and they shipped me a replacement mixer, no questions asked. The UPS guy returned the day after delivering the replacement to pick up the broken was fast and very convenient. Check out this review site for this fine appliance Stand Mixer!
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