Stand up mixer starts a happy journey of baking

by:Muren     2020-04-11
With the increasing pursuit of quality of life for modern people, baking has slowly become a hobby for more people. Learning complex baking techniques is not to make a living, but to prepare more delicious, nutritious and healthy food for family and friends. I believe that many people who love baking should have heard of the Muren stand up mixer, a good helper on the baking road. Muren has always insisted on the design and manufacture of high-quality, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances, so each product can make us easily cook with its high quality, and fully enjoy the fun of doing it ourselves. No matter what kind of dishes you try, you can be at ease. We all know that the soul of a chef's machine is its paddle. The more types of paddles, the more ingredients it can handle, both Chinese and Western. Each paddle performs its own role, corresponding to different operating functions. Passing is the most important part in baking. The taste, moistness and fluffiness of the cake depend to a large extent on your passing state. The egg paddle of the stand up mixer adopts a layered design, which can ensure that all kinds of ingredients are easily passed at once; The powder paddle simulates manual kneading and kneading the dough, which can evenly mix different types of dough. The 1700w super-strong motor can carry a greater load, making the dough that comes out more delicate, smooth and elastic; the unique K-shaped paddle can make The mixing is more uniform, and it is very suitable for mixing batter and mixing fillings; the elastic paddle can gently fit the mixing bowl, making the mixing area larger, and maximizing the ingredients in the mixing bowl without residue; turning the paddle can effectively reduce In the traditional mixing process, defoaming and the collapse of the finished product preserve the fluffy texture of the food, which can improve the success rate of the production. It is suitable for making macarons and sponge cakes. In short, by changing different paddles, mixing, stirring, and sending the most laborious work in baking, it can help you complete. Let every step of baking process be like the master level of meticulous manipulation. Whether your original intention is to make healthy food for your family or enjoy the fun of baking, I believe that the stand up mixer will be a good partner on your baking road!
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