What can the all-round stand up mixer be used for?

by:Muren     2020-04-10
With the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, we can find that there are more and more friends who love baking, and a variety of stand up mixers on the market are also emerging. An easy-to-use stand up mixer can combine a variety of modes such as stirring, kneading, and passing hair, which can truly liberate the hands of the cook. Of course, the continuous expansion of the market for small appliances such as cooker machines is not only due to the improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, but also the innovation and development of cooker machines themselves. What can an excellent all-round cooker do? First of all, when you want to make bread, pizza, or Chinese buns and other foods, the stand up mixer can help you save the most time-consuming and laborious kneading process. Use the powder paddle of the stand up mixer to hand over the difficult kneading and filming process to the stand up mixer. You only need to enjoy the aroma of baking and the final deliciousness. In addition, whipping cream is the basic link in baking, but it is also one of the keys to determine the quality of the entire cake. If the cream is not enough, the hardness of the cream is too low to maintain the shape; if the cream is too much, the fat and whey in the cream will separate and it can't be used. So in order to improve efficiency and ensure quality, you can use the egg paddle of the stand up mixer to whipped cream. In addition, the innovative mixing paddle and mixing mode can solve the problems of defoaming and product collapse, thereby improving the success rate. In addition to whipping cream, sometimes we need to mix the fillings when baking. With the stand mixer, when making biscuits or mousse cakes and other dishes that need to be stirred, just put the ingredients into the cooker machine, use the K-shaped paddle, wait for a few minutes, a perfect mix of cookie dough or mousse filling It's done. For example, the meatballs that children like to eat, you can also pour the meat and other ingredients into the chef's machine, turn on the 1st gear, and stir for 5 minutes to make the meat filling gluten. In addition to making meatballs, it can also be stuffed with dumplings and so on ~ The above are the standard functions of the stand up mixer. What is even more pleasant is that when it is installed with more than 20 kinds of accessories, it can also be easily converted into a juicer, noodle machine, grinder, etc., so that your cooking life can add more may!
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