What color (size, type, specification) is available for baking mixer machine in Muren Appliance?
They're available on the official site. Such distinction in baking mixer is meant to meet diverse requirements. We make every attempt to distinguish the item by parameters. They aren't unalterable. Whether there are certain requirements, custom made service can be obtained.

Shenzhen Muren Appliance Co.,Ltd is a reliable manufacturer based in China. We have a vast and flexible product portfolio including dough mixer. As one of Muren Appliance's multiple product series, kitchen stand mixers series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The product contains no toxic materials and is 100% recyclable, which means a lot of energy savings and a big step towards a greener future. With a unique housing that features unique luster, it is built to last. Combining all these features, this is a reliable piece that one can always count on to look and feel great. Its DC motor, together with the special PCB board, it brings the lowest and soft sound.

As an environmentally responsible company, we purposely decrease the negative influence posed on the environment. Our concerns over the earth's resources are presented by the rigorous resource utilization requirements.
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