What is the difference between stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-14
Stand food mixer The stand food mixer is a type of pasta machine, which mainly mixes flour and water uniformly. The spiral stirring hook is driven to rotate in the mixing cylinder by the transmission device, and at the same time, the mixing cylinder rotates at a constant speed under the drive of the transmission device. The flour in the tank is continuously pushed, pulled, kneaded, pressed, fully mixed, and quickly mixed to make the dry flour get even hydration, expand the gluten, and become a dough with a certain elasticity, elasticity and uniform flow. Filling machine The filling machine is an indispensable equipment for mixing materials. It is the first choice for making air-dried sausage products, granular and muddy mixed sausage products, and pill products. It is also an optional equipment for the production of dumplings and ravioli pasta products. Matters for using the filling machine 1. Preparation and inspection before using the filling machine 1. Place the machine in the working position, fix the machine, and place the machine steadily 2. Check whether the voltage of the power supply is consistent with the specified voltage of the machine 3. Turn on the power, press the start button to see if the machine is running normally, and it can be used without abnormal sound 4. Add appropriate amount of machine lubricant from the filling point from time to time 5. It is strictly forbidden to put hands or other foreign objects into the hopper during the work of the machine to avoid danger Second, the operation of the filling machine 1. Check for other foreign objects in the stuffing hopper, whether the hopper can be turned over flexibly and whether the machine is fixed and reliable 2. Pour the material to be mixed into the hopper. After the materials are mixed evenly (the mixing degree can be determined by yourself), open the upper cover, stop the filling machine, turn the hopper forward to remove the materials. This machine is strictly forbidden to mix dough and materials with excessive viscosity to prevent damage to the machine.
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