Why do you prefer a stand food mixer for baking?

by:Muren     2020-06-13
Many friends have been exposed to baking for less than half a year, and found that they have entered a big pit and spent a lot of money on buying baking tools and auxiliary appliances, but their baking level has not been greatly improved. Why? Because you didn’t “spend money” on purpose! Follow the recipe to buy molds madly, leaving them idle at home for a long time, still occupying a lot of space. Buying an appliance in one step not only greatly increases the burden of cleaning, but also gradually reduces the enthusiasm for baking. At this time, if there is a Shepherd's Chef Wang machine placed in the kitchen, many headaches will be solved. Whether it's whipping protein to make a cake, whipping cream to make a cake spread, or butter to make a cookie, or making macarons, you need to use it to beat protein to improve the production efficiency, it is very good! 1. Capacity That is the capacity of the mixing cup of the stand food mixer. The larger the capacity, the more the amount of flour kneaded. If the dough is made larger each time, then do not consider the small stand food mixer. Generally speaking, the capacity of 4-7L is more suitable for home use. The 4.5L capacity of the Muren stand food mixer is neither too big nor too heavy, and can easily meet the needs of the family. 2. Power It determines the ability of the machine to drive the dough, the duration of continuous whipping, the effect of kneading dough, etc. Generally speaking, the same brand, high-power performance in these areas will be better. The larger the capacity, the better the power should be increased accordingly, otherwise there will be a small horse drawn cart. With a power of 1200W, the Muren stand food mixer can rub out the glove membrane in 10 minutes. 3. Self-weight The standard for measuring whether a machine is good or not is whether the body will move when you knead the dough, so the lighter the better when you buy it! The stand food mixer of the Shepherd Wang You uses an all-metal body with a net weight of 6.8 kg, quite 'stable'. 4. Accessories The difference between a cooker machine and an ordinary kitchen appliance is its powerful accessories. A cooker machine can complete different tasks by changing one accessory. The Muren stand food mixer comes with three stirring accessories: egg cage, dough hook, stirring paddle, and all are made of stainless steel, which is more reliable to use.
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