Why the Muren stand up mixer is worth buying

by:Muren     2020-04-09
In the modern kitchen, the stand mixer is simply the left and right arms of the cooks, and it has an unshakable position for the baker. Among the large-scale equipment most commonly used by roasters, in addition to the oven should be the chef machine, these two equipments complement each other, and have achieved the creative dream of generations of roasters. In short, the stand mixer is a machine that can help the chef to complete various kitchen tasks. It has multiple functions for processing ingredients. Three basic functions-mixing noodles, stirring and sending He nian hook is mainly used to knead noodles, it is like a curved snake. The rotation of the cooker machine is similar to that of a planet. It has rotation and revolution. This is the legendary 'planetary trajectory'. This method allows the dough to be kneaded more uniformly. The shape of the stirring pulp is like a hollow boat pulp. It can stir some thick foods, including butter, in a large area. Thanks to the high power of 1200W of Muren stand up mixer, it can easily mix all kinds of pastry fillings. The eggbeater cage has more wires than the manual eggbeater, and its main function is to send light ingredients like eggs and light cream. By setting a higher speed, the fluid ingredients are brought into full contact with the air to produce a strong chemical reaction. So no matter whether it is whipping protein or cream, the Muren stand up mixer can be unfavorable. In addition to the above three basic functions, Muren stand up mixer can also complete more tasks by expanding accessories. At present, the common accessories of home cooking machines are mixing cups, meat grinders, noodle presses, vegetable cutters and so on. Really made the kitchen all-around little helper. Pure copper motor The coil material of the cooker motor can be divided into copper wire and aluminum wire. The pure copper motor can kill the aluminum wire motor in minutes in terms of conductivity and heat dissipation. Of course, the cost of metallic copper is higher than that of aluminum, so the price of a cooker using a pure copper motor will be slightly higher, but in the long run, this cost is actually very cost-effective. Muren stand up mixer not only uses better pure copper motors, but also has a power of 1200W, which ensures a strong and powerful output and no longer worries about insufficient power. Gear drive The material of the belt is generally a polymer, similar to rubber products. It can save a lot of cost in the transmission with long distance, but its stability is definitely not as good as the transmission system of pure metal material. Therefore, there are several shortcomings of the belt drive, one is to generate more noise, and the other is that the amplitude is too large to cause the body to be unstable. The use of metal gears and bearings can significantly improve these shortcomings. The all-metal gear transmission structure of the Muren stand up mixer is tightly engaged, sturdy and durable, stable in performance, strong in output power, and smooth and stable. Gourmet food should not be let down, and workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do their best. An excellent stand mixer can reduce many troubles for your baking pleasure. The Muren stand up mixer is one of them.
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