Working principle and type of stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-13
Many families now make their own buns, breads, cakes, toasts, pastries and other desserts. Not only are they happy when they are made, but they are also very comfortable when they eat, but if we make noodles ourselves, we will definitely be more tired. Fortunately With the home mixer and noodle machine, we have saved a lot of energy and time. What is a stand food mixer The noodle making machine is a kind of pasta machine, which is composed of a mixing tank, a stirring hook, a transmission device, an electric appliance box, a machine base and other parts. Its main purpose is to mix flour and water evenly, and it is also a multi-function cooker that combines kneading, egg-beating, stirring, and noodle-making functions. Fully automatic stand food mixers are widely used in hotels, bakeries, cake shops, cafes, bars, tea shops, homes and other occasions. Working principle of kneading machine The spiral stirring hook is driven by the transmission device to rotate in the mixing cylinder, and at the same time, the mixing cylinder is driven to rotate by the transmission device. The flour in the tank is constantly pushed, pulled, kneaded, pressed, fully stirred, and the gluten is expanded to become a dough with a certain elasticity, elasticity and uniform flow. Stand Food Mixer function It mainly kneads the dough; it can also be used to stir butter, cheese, fresh milk, and eggs; it can also be used to make fruit juice, jam, noodles, smoothies, cold dishes, etc. Stand Food Mixer Type Stand food mixer can be divided into vacuum-type stand food mixers and non-vacuum-type stand food mixer according to the type; they can be divided into household stand food mixer, large electric stand food mixer according to the different places of use; Vertical, single shaft, double shaft, half shaft, etc. The difference between stand food mixer and noodle machine The stand food mixer and mixes the raw materials evenly, instead of the traditional manual kneading, it is the first step; the noodle pressing machine is generally used to form, and the noodles that are pressed out are the formed noodles
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