You are only one chef away from the stand mixer

by:Muren     2020-04-09
During the New Year at home some time ago, due to the impact of the epidemic, the holidays became longer. Everyone is not idle at home, showing their magical powers, and started a food competition in the circle of friends! All kinds of food, everyone should not be tempted by all kinds of cakes and desserts! Always want to try it, but every time Follow the recipe, why is it unsuccessful? Is there really no talent? No, you are only one stand mixer away from success! The functions commonly used in making cakes are to beat protein and cream. Beating egg whites, this key step is difficult to beat by hand. If the egg whites are not beaten well, I am afraid that the cake will be made like a piece of cake without any fluffiness. The egg beater equipped with the Muren stand mixer, coupled with the high-speed gear, can quickly beat the egg white. The machine rotates to simulate the planetary trajectory operation mode, 360-degree three-dimensional whipping. You can beat 12 eggs at a time, which is enough to make two 8-inch cake embryos. Make sure the egg liquid is evenly inflated to ensure the fluffy cake. If you do n’t know how much egg liquid is sent, you can also set the time according to the recipe. It will be automatically sent. It is usually 3-5 minutes. Even novices will not fail. The whipping cream is also a difficulty for novices. The cream requirements are relatively high. If the cream is too long, the temperature is high, and it is easy to fail. With this stand up mixer, novices can pour the refrigerated whipped cream directly into the chef machine, and also use the beaten eggs to open up to the high speed. You can also control the sending time through the timing function.In general, it should be no more than 5 minutes, because it will be destroyed if you play too long.With this timing function, you can clearly know how long you have been playing, and you will not turn on. It's so troublesome at the time, it's easy to forget. This timing function is very friendly to novices and baking professionals. Let ’s talk about the difficulty of bread snacks, kneading noodles. If you want to knead out the legendary glove film, can you knead it by hand? The answer is yes, but you must knead for at least 3 hours! Kneading, it only takes 10 minutes to knead the glove film! The bread baked after kneading the film is particularly soft and delicious, and the layer of tearing is obvious. The cooker machine has become a new star in kitchen appliances and is favored by more and more people. If you want to advance your cooking skills and become a baking master, you only need a stand up mixer!
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