Baking strength assistant - multi-function stand

by:Muren     2020-06-22
The American bread master Rose Levy Bellenberg once said that making bread does not have to think that the 'manual' is the best. Flexible use of small appliances has a magical effect on making certain breads, such as traditional European buns. . Ou Bao is not like sweet bread, it does not need strong gluten, only with relatively sticky dough can you make that kind of bread with big holes. Such special requirements will lead to too much water required for the dough, and too much water will make it difficult for the dough to knead. A pinch is a mess of mud, and the ghost can only knead it! Therefore, do not limit the bread to hand kneading, sometimes use tools to make the bread more delicious, such as using a stand food mixer. Choosing a suitable stand food mixer will make your baking more efficient. First of all, the stand food mixer must have a certain weight, otherwise when using it, the gear will jump sharply as soon as the gear is high. The Muren's has a stand food mixer with an all-metal body, which is very stable to operate. It is also a stand food mixer with advanced appearance, moderate price, strong practicability and high cost performance. If you usually make more pasta, you can consider choosing a more powerful one when choosing a stand food mixer. A stand food mixer with a lower power is relatively more suitable for beating eggs and butter. The stand food mixer of the Muren has a power of 1200w, which can be dealt with by passing the dough. This stand food mixer is equipped with three mixing heads: stirring paddle, egg cage, and noodle hook, to meet a variety of needs. It is worth mentioning that all its materials are now upgraded to stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and not easy to rust. I have seen friends say that they are worried that they will eat metal with the cook machine and noodles. After the upgrade, there will be no such worries. The egg cage movement is very stable, the egg bowl has a full capacity of 4.5L, high and deep, and the egg white will not splash out at all. The kneading efficiency is very high, the glove film can be formed in 10 minutes, and it has been tested that the body is not hot after kneading, and you can continue to make other food. Therefore, with the stand food mixer, even the most difficult baking recipes can be easily handled. Don't shake your arms and knead your dough, let the Muren multi-function stand food mixer save you!
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