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by:Muren     2020-06-21
In modern kitchens, the stand food mixer is simply the left and right arms of the chefs. For the baker, it has an unshakable position. The stand food mixer can liberate our hands to the greatest extent. It can not only knead, stir, and mix , You can also slice, cut strips, etc., is almost 18-year-old proficient in martial arts. In short, the stand food mixer is a machine that can help the chef to complete various kitchen tasks. It has multiple functions for processing ingredients. Are you already excited about such a kitchen artifact? Then it is very important to get a good stand food mixer. 1. Who is the stand food mixer suitable for? The basic functions of the stand food mixer are kneading, stirring, and passing. If it is for baking, the greatest use is to soften the glove film. The glove film represents the gluten of the dough and is related to the taste of the bread. Even non-professional baking novices can To make delicious bread. In addition, after adding accessories, the stand food mixer can also grind meat, noodles, dumpling skin, enema, juice, etc., it is still very practical for home use. Therefore, the stand food mixer is very suitable for baking lovers and people who make more pasta at home, which saves time and effort and is convenient and fast. 2. How to buy a stand food mixer? Look at the face value: In this era of looking at the 'face', even the stand food mixer, in addition to its powerful function, the face value is also very important. There are various colors to choose from to match the kitchen to meet the individual needs of everyone. Therefore, for face value control, the appearance of face value is not high, but also one of the very important choices. Look at the material: Cook machine material depends on the fuselage material and mixing paddle material. The body material is divided into metal and plastic. The plastic body cooker has light weight, poor stability during work, but the price is cheap; the metal body is superior in texture, good durability, heavy body, relatively stable during work, the corresponding price is also high, budget It is sufficient to choose metal. Similarly, the mixing paddle is also divided into plastic and metal, metal durability is good, plastic is easy to damage, metal is preferred. Look at the capacity: The capacity of the stand food mixer mainly depends on the needs of the family. Different family populations have different choices of capacity. Instead of blindly pursuing large capacity, food can’t be eaten more than wasted, so the choice of capacity is still based on family needs. Look at the accessories: Good stand food mixer accessories are also very important. The standard configuration of most stand food mixers is pasta paddle, stirring paddle and egg paddle. In addition to other accessories, you can also grind, shred and slice, grind meat, squeeze Juice, etc., one machine with multiple functions is powerful, kitchen space is precious, and one machine with multiple functions is the better choice. Look at the motor: Cooker motors are divided into two types: AC motors and DC motors. The power of AC motors is generally large, and the power of DC motors is generally small. Is the higher the power the better? Actually not, power does not represent the performance of the stand food mixer, the stable and efficient transmission of a good stand food mixer is the key. Look at the gear: At present, the stand food mixer is between 6th and 10th gear. The more gears, the better. 1-2 stalls mainly knead dough, kneading dough does not depend on the speed, the use of low speed torque; 3-4 stalls are mainly used for mixing; 8-10 stalls whipped egg white cream.
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