How to make noodles with a stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-20
Stand food mixer and noodle method 1. Take a bowl of noodles, it is best to use ceramics, if there is no ceramic stainless steel. Then pour the right amount of flour into the basin, make a small hole in the middle of the flour, and add water, yeast, or other materials. (If you are making cakes or bread, you can add eggs, butter, milk, etc., and add materials according to the purpose of the dough) 2. After the materials are added, try to keep all the materials in the small pit to ensure that the inside of the small pit is wet and the outside is dry flour. In the meantime, use water to fully dissolve the yeast, then find a chopstick and start stirring from the middle of the flour. Let the surrounding flour dissolve in the water little by little until all the flour dissolves into the water. Lump. 3. After mixing the flour, leave the flour for half an hour naturally. If the weather is cold, it can be left for an additional period of time, either one hour or two hours, depending on the actual text. Let the flour wake up on its own until it is ready for use. 4. After the dough is awakened, we start to use the stand food mixer to make dough. If conditions permit, it is best to use an electric stand food mixer, so that the dough will be better and faster. Take out the stand food mixer, insert the stir stick on the stand food mixer into the dough, then hold the basin with one hand, hold the stand food mixer with one hand, and turn the stand food mixer to medium speed to start making dough. 5. It usually takes three or five minutes for the dough to live well. If it is used for cakes, you can add some butter to it. After using the cooker to make the noodles, stop the noodles after the butter is completely absorbed. 6. After the dough is alive, remove the cooker, cover the basin with plastic wrap, and place the basin in a place with a higher temperature to let the dough ferment. When the dough expands to twice the size, the dough is fermented successfully. Then take out the dough and remove the air bubbles in the dough. 7. Cut the dough into pieces as needed, or other shapes, for later use. Electric stand food mixer and noodle kneading method skills 1. Pour the flour into the basin, add all the ingredients, dig a pit in the middle, and then add all the materials except butter, water, milk, pay attention to the separation of salt, sugar and yeast. 2. Slowly add water to the middle, it is best to pour directly on the part with yeast, and then add milk to the middle. After adding, the whole basin is dry on the outside, and the middle becomes liquid. 3. Use chopsticks to stir in the middle of the flour, slowly let the surrounding dry powder dissolve into the water, until the thin batter in the middle becomes a ball, and the chopsticks can be drawn without the dry powder dipping on the dough. Set aside to let the flour dissolve. 4. Use an electric cooker to knead the noodles, install the two stirring rods, and insert them into the dough, preferably in the end. Holding the basin with one hand, and pressing the cooker with one hand, start to stir the noodles, medium to high speed, and see how it feels. You can add butter in two or three minutes. Note that the butter must soften at room temperature in advance. After adding the butter, you can use the noodle stick to rub the dough onto the butter until the butter is completely absorbed, the dough becomes smooth and delicate, and will not pull apart in the direction of the two noodle sticks, basically it is kneaded. 5. Pull out the stir bar, cover the basin with plastic wrap, and put it in a warm place for the first fermentation, which becomes twice as large. Then fermentation and baking, the bread can be completed.
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