How to use the stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-20
For those who like to eat pasta, there is a home and noodle machine at home. The home-made noodle machine saves you the trouble of doing it yourself and saves a lot of time. So how to use the mixer? The noodle machine is a type of pasta machine, which mainly mixes flour and water evenly. There are vacuum mixers and non-vacuum mixers. Divided into horizontal, vertical, single axis, double axis, half axis, etc. How to use the stand food mixer safely? What is the operating procedure of the stand food mixer? Let's take a closer look at it together. How to use the stand food mixer Appropriate amount of lubricating oil should be added to each oil hole or oil cup of the mixer, and it should be added about 2 to 3 times per shift. After turning on the power, check the direction of rotation. The operation should be smooth and free of abnormal noise. After running for 30 minutes in an empty vehicle, check the solid parts before starting work. The stand food mixer adopts gear reduction to drive the structure. It has the characteristics of simple structure, compact, convenient operation and no complicated maintenance, and the service life is relatively long. The noodle bucket is made of stainless steel material and special surface treatment. The professional noodle machine should meet the hygienic standards. When the stand food mixer is installed and commissioned, the four feet of the machine should be placed flat. The multi-function stand food mixer should reduce vibration and connect the ground wire at the bottom of the rack to prevent the risk of electrical leakage. Before turning on, check whether each part of the appliance is well insulated and whether the motor grounding is reliable. Remember, it is strictly prohibited to press the switch button with wet hands. When making the noodles, you should close the lid of the box. Never put your hands or other hard objects into the noodle bucket to avoid dangerous accidents. When taking the noodles, you must first cut off the power, wait until the power is cut, and then tilt the cabinet up before taking it out. If abnormal phenomena such as abnormal sound, looseness or vibration are found, you should conduct a parking inspection and perform repairs immediately. Operation rules of stand food mixer 1. Before turning on the mixer, you should carefully check the equipment and circuit conditions, and confirm that it is correct before turning on the machine. 2. The reversing time of the stand food mixer cannot be too long. After the tipping bucket tilts into place, the knife should be used to break the dough. When reversing, the hand must leave the box bucket. 3. The operator of the stand food mixer cannot put his hands into the box during the operation of the machine. 4. The operator of the stand food mixer should add lubricating oil into the oil filling hole every day; insist on daily cleaning to keep the stand food mixer clean and replace the oil every three months. 5. Each stand food mixer should be managed by a dedicated person. When the remaining surface needs to be cleaned after the maintenance or dough is completed, you should first check whether the power is off before proceeding to the next step. 6. If an accident occurs due to violation of safety operation regulations, the person responsible shall bear the consequences and fill in the equipment operation record carefully.
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