Muren Stand Food Mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-25
The Muren stand food mixer should be a pretty good addition to any kitchen given its excellent features that make food preparation and cooking a lot more convenient. It has a powerful motor that can be relied upon to work on different food items. Its automatic speed control guides the motor and enables it to retain its power and speed regardless of the time and load. It has a wide 6.7 litre bowl capacity which comes with a splash guard to prevent spillages. This food mixer has a powerful 1000 watt motor that can keep ideal levels of speed and power regardless of the quantities of food being prepared. This motor can also keep up with the jobs at hand for a long period of time, which would allow users to prepare as many meals as possible. Complementing the powerful motor is the stainless steel bowl which has a large capacity of 6.7 liters. This bowl should be enough to contain a large number of mixtures which should be appreciated by those who like to prepare large quantities of dishes. The bowl likewise comes with an easy to lift the cover. This stand food mixer also makes use of the unique planetary mixing feature of Muren. While the mixing action is fantastic, it is also very quiet and would never cause annoyance in the household. There are also 4 power outlets in this mixer which allows the users to add more than 20 optional attachments to address all the preparation requirements. There are other tools that are included in this mixer. There are four mixing tools- a flexible beater ideal for creaming mixes, a k-beater, a dough hook, and a whisk. It also has a mincer and a stainless steel blender. The Muren stand food mixer is definitely a great kitchen appliance with its good array of features and excellent finish.
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