Some selection guides for stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-18
For baking masters, making cakes and breads is a pleasure, but for newcomers to the baking circle, kneading and baking are a difficult technical threshold. Kneading the noodles by hand, even if the hands are sore, it may not be possible to knead the 'three-light' dough with hand light, basin light, and face light, which takes time and effort. If the bread is made directly with a bread machine, although it is convenient, the bread made by the bread machine is not only bad in taste and single in taste, but also takes a long time. It can't be applied to large doughs, and there are many bugs. And with the stand food mixer, no matter whether it is egg white, cream or noodles, you only need to rotate the button, and then wait for the machine to hit the state you want, let you quickly change the baking master, easy to play all kinds of Baking gourmet! Today, the editor will share the purchase guide of the stand food mixer for those who are addicted to Western-style pastries. 1. Look at the power The working principle of the stand food mixer is that the motor drives the gear to rotate and transfer the stirring force. It determines the ability of the machine to drive the dough, the time of continuous whipping, and the effect of kneading. The power of the stand food mixer often determines the working ability of a stand food mixer. To put it simply, of course, the greater the power, the better. The motor power of high-power motors, such as the cook chef's machine, is around 1000W, with strong power and higher working efficiency. Try not to choose the one with power less than 500W, because it takes too long to knead the dough and pass the hair, the quality of the finished product will be low, and even the phenomenon of inability to drive the dough and jamming will occur, affecting the life of the machine. 2. Look at the functional interface Understand whether the interface and accessories of the cooker machine are complete. Only by choosing a cooker machine with multiple accessories can it achieve multiple functions. The basic accessories of the stand food mixer are: noodle stick (kneading), stirring paddle (mixing) and egg cage (sending). The stand food mixer with these three functional accessories can basically easily achieve all kinds of baked food. 3. See if there is a splash-proof plastic cover When the stand food mixer whipped the cream, the cream easily splashed on the desktop or the body, causing the scene to be messy and caught in the mess. If it is equipped with a splash-proof plastic cover, this problem can be solved well, and it is also convenient Add materials in the middle of the operation. 4. Look at the stability The frequency of use of the stand food mixer is not low, so it is best to choose a brand stand food mixer with good workmanship and solid materials. When the cooker is running, it will swing on the countertop when the gear is in a high state. The swing amplitude is related to the motor horsepower and the structural design of the cooker machine. It is recommended to choose a cooker machine with a non-slip setting at the bottom, which will be more stable during operation. 5. Look at the appearance The frequency of use of the stand food mixer is not low, it is not good to see how to enjoy the pleasant cooking process? Choosing a stand food mixer with beautiful colors and outstanding styling can make you more interested in cooking. It is said that baking is a sweet pit. As everyone continues to upgrade their home baking equipment, the stand food mixer has become more and more from a highly upgraded version of the equipment to the standard. Who doesn't want to have a stand food mixer for baking enthusiasts?
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