The functions and precautions of the stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-15
How the stand food mixer works After the motor in the host is energized, the gear is driven to rotate, and the corresponding accessories, such as a blender, noodle press, noodle cutter, etc., can be activated to start the corresponding function. The stand food mixer can also be equipped with various accessories to make noodles, macaroni, juice, ground meat, enema, vegetable cutting and other functions. What are the functions of the stand food mixer Basic functions: knead dough, beat eggs, stir. Generally, it is used to make Chinese and Western noodles, especially Western-style noodles. The bread needs to be kneaded out of the film, so the bread will have a good taste. But kneading the dough by hand has great disadvantages. It is laborious and time-consuming. In the summer, the dough is easy to ferment before the film comes out. The probability of failure is relatively high, and the ingredients are wasted. The advantages of the stand food mixer: saving time and effort, convenient and fast, even non-professional baking novices can use this to make delicious bread. Precautions for safe use of the stand food mixer You must turn off the machine and unplug the power after installing and replacing accessories, after use and before cleaning. Do not touch the parts of the body being allowed or accessories attached to the body with your fingers. Don't let the machine operate without care. Never use a damaged machine. It should be sent for inspection or repair. Never operate the mixing equipment when the machine head is in the raised position. Do not let the wires hang within the reach of children. Do not let the machine body, wires or sockets get wet. Never use non-original accessories or use more than one accessory at the same time. Do not find the range shown in the maximum capacity when using. Before using accessories, please read the attached safety instructions. Because the machine is heavy, it needs to be lifted carefully. Before lifting the machine, make sure that the top is locked, and ensure that the container, mixing tool, device cover and wires will not fall off Do not let children play with the stand food mixer.
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