The importance of home stand food mixer for bakers

by:Muren     2020-06-14
Every baking enthusiast has more or less this kind of trouble: the bread maker is tired of the film after rubbing out the film, and the effect is not good; when a large amount of materials are needed, the power of the egg beater is not enough, and it is stretched; the production intention Type meringue, you need to slowly pour the syrup in one hand and the egg whisk in the other hand. As a result, there is no third hand to hold the egg bowl, which is really miserable! The Muren stand food mixer can easily solve these problems. First of all, it is a multifunctional kitchen appliance with three major accessories: stirring paddle, egg cage, and noodle hook. The noodle hook is like a curved snake shape, the shape of the stirring pulp is like a hollow boat pulp, and the egg cage has more wires than the manual egg beater. You can use them to beat egg whites, whole eggs, whipped cream, butter, knead noodles, and to make all kinds of dishes that need to be stirred, such as mashed potatoes, basically covering more than 90% of the needs of baking. Secondly, the 360° three-dimensional whipping of the planetary trajectory is simulated. The mixing head and the port rotate at the same speed at the same time, which is closer to the professional manual mixing method, which makes the dough more powerful. The internal use of all-metal gear transmission structure, tightly engaged, durable, stable performance, strong output power, kneading dough more easily. The powerful power of 1200W can easily mix all kinds of pastry fillings. Although the power is high, the noise during use is very small, which is completely acceptable to the family. If the dough you make every time is very large and is the weight of a family, then the cooker with a small capacity should not be considered. Not only will the machine not be able to move, but it will also affect the effect of the dough. The chef of the Muren has a large capacity of 4.5L, which allows the whole family to share the fun of baking. There are also housewives who may worry that they can not grasp the time when sending the materials. At this time, the intelligent timing function of the Shepherd’s Chef Wang machine comes in handy, one-click setting, no need to care. Excessive kneading causes broken tendons? Excessive butter mixing? Does not exist at all! What is even better is its value, all-metal appearance, elegant and noble silver-gray, and an irresistible high-end texture.This is not comparable to the performance of a small plastic chef! Thought it only has these functions? Then you are wrong! The Muren stand food mixer can be equipped with various expansion devices, such as a meat grinder, a noodle machine, a shredder, a mixing cup, etc., which is very comprehensive. Multi-gear design, low-speed kneading, 2-3 gear stirring, 4-5 gear ground meat, 6 gear hair, jog gear juice. Satisfying diverse needs can be said to be 'one machine at hand, worry-free kitchen'. How about, after reading, are your baking problems solved? stand food mixer, choose the Muren is right!
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