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by:Muren     2020-06-16
What is baking? Baking is a process of turning ingredients into food by yourself. Food is the easiest way to convey your heart and bring happiness, and experience the smell of flour in different states, especially the full-bodied and possessive in fermentation. But the baking process is very cumbersome, especially the kneading and stirring of these actions is laborious and sad. Modern people's work is busy, they don't have time to accompany their families, and they don't have time to make a bakery dish full of hearts for their families. But when it comes back to the original intention of food, what is more important is not the intention behind the people who make food? Now with the Muren stand food mixer, to avoid the tedious process of kneading and kneading in baking, the experience brought by baking is no longer tired and irritable, but a happy picture that is also melted with family members. The Muren stand food mixer makes your baking process easier and easily conveys love to your family. You can also bake hard in your busy work life, eliminating the exhausting baking process, and more time to enjoy the fun of baking with your family and enjoy Taste the happy moments of food and enjoy the joy of being with your family. Baking your heart, simple communication, saving time, effort and worry. Muren is hoping to make an electrical appliance that can bring happiness to thousands of families. Free from the trouble of manual mixing, away from the irritability of tidying up the kitchen, and getting rid of the cumbersome baking steps, happiness begins with the liberation of hands. Muren Electric devotes itself to the research and development of household kitchen appliances. It has been focused on the past 12 years and has never forgotten its original intention. It is only to bring modern people a relaxed and pleasant kitchen experience and a refined and simple happy life. Muren has a professional R&D team, constantly improving and improving the quality and performance of the Muren stand food mixer, in order to let tens of millions of housewives liberate their hands, in order to let tens of millions of families eat hearty food, in order to be able to put more The time left is a happy moment for family reunion, making it easier and more fun to enter the kitchen. Every point of the design is to give you a more exquisite kitchen experience. The latest generation of products developed by the Muren, the Muren home cooker, has captured the love of thousands of women and gained the trust of thousands of families. , Make a household appliance that brings happiness, and strive to become the first choice for kitchen partners. Since it is the first choice to be a kitchen partner, high face value must be the first choice. The Muren MK-37 home cooker is made of imported stainless steel, made of all metal inside and outside, the shell is made of piano paint, noble champagne color, high-grade atmosphere, high value, more durable, and high quality. The choice can not only look at the appearance, rich content is equally important. The Muren MK-37 home cook machine integrates kneading, stirring, and egg-beating. The six gears can be adjusted freely. Chinese and Western cuisine can be done in one machine. Give the ingredients to it, bring the deliciousness to you, and enjoy the fun of the kitchen easily. A good-quality partner should be all-round and considerate in all directions. The Muren MK-37 home cook machine achieves 360° fast noodles, multi-directional high-efficiency delivery, and large-area uniform mixing. Save time and manpower, take care of your hands, improve the efficiency of the kitchen, make the dough more powerful and delicious at your fingertips. The difference is to choose the partner's flash point, special love for special you. The exclusive patented double-knife technology of Muren Wang Electric simulates 360° planetary trajectory stirring, imitating the shape and surface of the human hand, so that the flour is fermented evenly and the film can be quickly released in 10 minutes. As a partner, considerate tolerance is equally important. The Muren MK-37 home cooker has a 5L food-grade stainless steel large-capacity mixing pot. It is never too much for the pursuit of food. Meeting the needs of food at one time will not only fill your heart, but also your stomach. The Muren MK-37 home cooking machine has a 1000W high-power powerful motor, long-lasting power, strong and powerful, continuous mixing, and full strength at any time and any place. A sense of security is a necessary condition for a quality partner. The Muren MK-37 home cooker has a metal door handle type head, which automatically stops when it is lifted, escorting your safety. Put a transparent feeding cap on the splash tray to prevent the food from splashing outwards during mixing and staining the clothes. Safety lock design, fixed cooker machine, to ensure safety during work without shaking. A good partner should have a gentle personality and be self-regulating. Muren Electric has an efficient heat dissipation system, back exhaust, chassis suction, and air circulation inside the machine to prevent the machine from overheating and make the machine use longer. When you are still rubbing flour with your hands, and your arms are sore and uncomfortable, people who use the Muren MK-37 stand food mixer are enjoying delicious noodles; when you are still using a whisk to stir the egg cream , When the food is splashing around, making the kitchen messy, people who use the Muren MK-37 stand food mixer are enjoying delicious desserts; when you are still working hard to chop meat with a knife, use the Muren People on the MK-37 stand food mixer are enjoying fresh and refreshing dumplings. The Muren MK-37 home cooker allows you to enjoy a professional baking experience and hands-on fun at home. You can do baking together with your family in your spare time to make up for the regret that you are not busy with your family because of busy work. Let's enjoy the food together easily, enhance family relationship, a household appliance that can really bring happiness.
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