The Muren stand food mixer perfectly decorates

by:Muren     2020-06-15
As a person who loves life, food is an indispensable follow-up in life. So no matter where he is, he will search for all kinds of delicious food. Because it can not only satisfy the taste buds of the taste buds, but also feel the wisdom of the creator and the sense of happiness in the production process. Slowly, as my understanding of life sublimates, I am more and more inclined to a refreshing morning, a warm afternoon in the sun, or a leisure time after dinner, making a Chinese snack for myself and my family Making afternoon tea, or a loving Western dessert, is both warm and cozy. So, lingering in the Chinese-style kitchen arranged by myself, placing a Western-style Muren multi-function stand food mixer, and enjoying the beauty of this process with the family, undoubtedly became a favorite moment. The Muren multi-function cooker makes food and baking full of simple pleasures. Not only can it easily make Western-style cakes and breads, but even Chinese-style buns and buns can be made, it is a truly versatile kitchen helper. Why is it a multi-function stand food mixer with Western quality? With the Muren multi-function cooker, whether it is dessert or pasta, it can help you solve your hands.It only takes a minute or two to easily pass the egg white meringue of four eggs; no longer need to rub out the glove film because of making bread And I'm about to rub my wrists sore; even making dumplings wonton dumplings, you can easily knead the noodles. At noon, if you want to eat fried noodles, just put the corresponding proportion of flour and water into the kneading basin, two low speeds start to run, you can easily complete the smooth and soft dough, divide it into noodles, install the topping machine, press into Noodles (repeated two to three times to make the noodles more compact and even, so that the noodles feel more powerful), and finally replace the noodle machine accessories, put the noodles in, and the finished noodles we finally need are here, The whole process will take more than ten minutes, and you will no longer need to use all your energy to roll your face desperately. It's easy to supervise the noodles next to it, and then complete with a favorite deep-fried sauce and side dishes, a bowl of delicious deep-fried sauce is completed. In addition, the 4.5L stainless steel basin can meet the daily production needs of the family, and it is an all-metal gear transmission structure that runs efficiently and stably. Compared with its versatility, what makes me more attracted is his appearance. The metal cast aluminum body material is put into the kitchen. The Western-style texture is very prominent, and the high-end atmosphere is high-grade. Gourmet production can't be done, a competent stand food mixer can not only embellish Chinese life, but also help you solve 60% of the production work, making your food production process more handy.
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