Three-step selection of stand up mixer to open

by:Muren     2020-04-10
Various stand up mixers have sprung up like mushrooms, which is a real headache for baking beginners. How to choose better? Today we will explore the details of the chef's machine performance, materials and parameters, let's take a quick look. First, look at the performance of the stand up mixer The cost-effective stand up mixer, the first factor to consider is its performance, such as motor power, smart sensing and heat dissipation performance, etc. Starting from the practical performance selection of the stand up mixer can effectively increase the consumer experience. 1.1. Motor power The stand up mixer is equipped with a number of variable speed gears and speed interfaces through a high-horsepower torque motor. The gears of each joint driven by the motor have different speeds and powers, and are equipped with corresponding accessories to process different ingredients, making the process of making food easier. Consumers can judge the power of the motor based on the power of the motor. The power is proportional to the power of the motor. The higher the power, the stronger the mixing ability, and the more delicate the ingredients are after mixing. Selection suggestions of stand up mixer: The stand up mixer with 1000-1600w power can quickly process a variety of ingredients, and can choose the appropriate gear according to different ingredients. But it is not that the greater the power, the better. On the one hand, it wastes resources, and on the other hand, the noise will also increase, just meet the daily needs of the whole family. 1.2. Multidimensional stirring What is the multi-dimensional stirring function? That is, it simulates professional baking techniques, and at the same time, the accessories reach the ingredients 360 °, and stir at a constant speed to achieve the ideal stirring effect, with better effect and shorter time. Selection suggestions: The multi-dimensional mixing function can quickly and effectively knead flour into dough. For those who like pasta and desserts, it is very fast and convenient. At the same time, the stand up mixer can be used to stir the gap to prepare other ingredients for making pastries or pasta, greatly improving the overall Efficiency, make delicious desserts one step faster. 1.3. Gear speed control The speed adjustment of the cooker's machine is based on the hardness properties of the ingredients themselves, and selects the appropriate rate for stirring and grinding to meet the needs of different ingredients, and also meets the current consumption concept of energy saving and environmental protection. Selection suggestions: stand up mixer 1-2 is suitable for mixing and mixing ingredients; 3-4 gear is suitable for kneading dough and kneading larger dough; 5-7 gear is used for professional elastic mixing or professional whipping paste, such as fresh cream. There is no need to adjust the gear speed too much, you can choose according to your own needs. Second, look at the stand up mixer material The accessories of the chef's machine for processing ingredients need to have direct and intimate contact with the food, so it is not a matter of care when choosing materials. To create a good-tasting food, naturally choose the appropriate material. The general chef's machine has metal , Stainless steel material, ABS engineering plastic these three types! 2.1. Metal material The main metal materials of the cooker's machine body are aluminum alloy body and cast aluminum body. Because of the high weight stability of the material, the machine can be kept stable during operation, and it will not be shaken excessively and the ingredients will not be evenly mixed. Selection suggestions: Metal cooker machine has higher stability, but at the same time, the body is also heavier. If it is not specially designed, the overall appearance will be less curved, and the value will be more containing animals, but the material does not contain harmful substances to protect human health. 2.2. Stainless steel material Stainless steel is a high temperature resistant material, and it has good corrosion resistance. It is not picky about food materials, and it will not stick to excess food materials. It is easier to clean and contains no harmful substances to the human body. Stainless steel is lighter and easier to move. Third, look at the detailed parameters Choosing a stand up mixer naturally requires the selection of detailed parameters. There is an old saying: details determine success or failure, and the stand up mixer is no exception, and the capacity is closely related to the number of people, and the safety details cannot be ignored. 3.1. Capacity ① The 3.5L cooker machine is a small cooker machine, suitable for families of 1-2 people. This kind of capacity is most suitable for people who like to bake daily to improve their quality of life. Amount to meet the daily good mood. ②The 3.5L-5L cooker machine is suitable for 3-5 people. It is a medium-sized cooker machine. A family of three can choose this cooker machine to bake the ingredients that your small family likes daily. Occasionally, friends can come to the house to meet guests. ③ 5L or more stand up mixer, suitable for more than 5 people, it is a large-scale stand up mixer, if the family population is more than 5 people, it is recommended to choose 7L stand up mixer, which can be used by large families, and multiple friends can also meet at the same time, show their Good cooking. Selection suggestions: Choose the capacity of the cooker machine according to the number of families, and choose the amount you need for daily cooking, which can save space and electricity. The family of 1-2 people chooses a 3.5L stand up mixer, and the choice of 3-5 people chooses 3.5L- 5L stand up mixer, more than 5 people choose 7L stand up mixer. 3.2. Security details The high-quality stand up mixer also attaches great importance to safety protection details. When choosing a cooker machine, we must first check whether it is equipped with a fixed security lock, and secondly, whether the accessory is also equipped with a security lock. Only when the safety is ensured can we use the cooker machine to make it for the family delicious. Selection suggestions: If there are elderly or children in the house, more safety details need to be considered. In addition to the safety lock, the location of the cooker should also be paid attention to to prevent the elderly and children from falling.
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