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by:Muren     2020-04-21
Baked goods have been a part of the human diet for at least recorded history, but historical evidence suggests baking has been a part of human food consumption even prior to first evidence of writing. Mixing is first required before baking can take place, but mixing food ingredients to produce a more tasty end result is not confined to baked goods alone. In recent history and post industrial revolution, large spoons and hand cranked mixers were the norm for the average kitchen, but more recent innovation and technological design has produced fully automated, hands-free, and powerful counter top kitchen stand mixers. As kitchen appliances go, kitchen stand mixer is top of the list in terms of saving time and adding efficiency to any food preparation. Kitchen stand mixers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all with varying levels of capacity in terms of output and work load. The manufactures of most top kitchen stand mixers also provide a wide range of mixing attachments to aid in creating all sorts of tasty fare. Pasta and ravioli rollers, meat grinders for sausage and ground beef, dough hooks, and traditional whisking devices are just a few of the convenient attachments designed for most kitchen stand mixers. Top kitchen stand mixers are usually priced for anywhere from $150 to $350, but there are plenty to be had for well under the $100 price point. You can't put a price on convenience, and these wonderful devices truly pay for themselves in terms on convenience and effort saved in typical hand mixing. Even using a typical hand mixer, you still have to physically be with the food ingredients you are combining. With a stand mixer, you pretty much 'set it and forget it', as the old commercial goes. Forget old-fashioned elbow grease or time wasted when you could be preparing other food items. Counter top kitchen stand mixers are like having a second set of hands and arms. Another great feature of these devices is their ability to reduce spilling and increased the evenness of mixed ingredients, saving you the annoyance of wasting food and reducing the time spent for cleaning spills. Nothing is worse than having only a specific amount of food ingredients on hand, only to have them spill all over the counter top and floor from inefficient hand mixers or old fashioned spoon mixing. What may be even more annoying than this is when you get all your food preparation completed, only to turn out lumpy bread or cakes that come out of the oven flat. Top kitchen stand mixers make sure you get evenly blended food ingredients for perfectly crafted final results.
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