What are the uses of the stand food mixer

by:Muren     2020-06-14
I believe that many friends are extremely interested in cooking, and the dazzling array of kitchen appliances on the Internet is also exciting. The stand food mixer is one of the most representative. However, when many people happily took back a stand food mixer, they found that they had no way to start, and they didn't know how to use this gorgeous machine. Over time, the chef's machine was covered with a lot of dust, and he simply locked it into the cupboard and left it idle. In fact, the reason why this machine has such a general name as 'stand food mixer' is precisely because of its powerful performance that integrates multiple cooking functions. Today, I will tell you what powerful cooking functions this machine has. Come and see if you have what you need! Making meat puree I often worry that the ground meat in the supermarket is not fresh or hygienic, but chopping the meat myself is laborious and not delicate. At this time, the stand food mixer may be able to solve your troubles. Its powerful meat grinding function can not only produce delicate puree fully automatically, but you can also add some spices to the meat and grind together at the same time. Meat sauce, meatballs, and meat fillings are all there, even if you have matching equipment, even sausages can be homemade! Making salad At first glance, the stand food mixer seems to have nothing to do with salad making. In fact, the slicer that comes with the stand food mixer can help you solve all the work of slicing and shredding salad fruits and vegetables! As we all know, slicing and slicing vegetables and fruits is a tedious and technical task. Without accumulated practice, it is really difficult to cut vegetables and fruits quickly and symmetrically. Then rest assured to hand to the stand food mixer, its rotating blade solves the cutting problem for you in minutes. Making cake Do you need to say more about the use of the stand food mixer for cake making? For creaming, stirring butter, and mixing cheese, you don’t need to buy any egg nets, mixers, or filters. You just need to put the ingredients into the cooker and make a perfect cake with a perfect ratio! The next task is the oven. Making bread Isn't bread and cake the same thing? Of course not! Those who have baking experience must understand that whether it is bread, buns, pizza, the kneading and fermentation process is very cumbersome and difficult to master. The stand food mixer can not only help you save the most time-consuming and laborious kneading process, but also The process of fermentation out of the membrane can be mastered most accurately. You just need to enjoy the delicious aroma and taste after baking! Making noodles Unexpectedly, the stand food mixer also has an important function, that is, the ability to make noodles! When you want to make noodles, the stand food mixer can not only help you knead the noodles, but also help you quickly cut out even noodles. Moreover, the unique blade design of the stand food mixer can guarantee the user's safety to the greatest extent, and children can also participate in the production process, and the fun is unlimited. So, are there any of these functions you need? Quickly take out the stand food mixer in your closet! Let's experience the fun of cooking together
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